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Low Carb Macaroons for Halloween



This is my first year in the city during Halloween (yes, former country girl), so this year I’m excited for all the kiddos who may come to the door. And no, I’m not handing out anything healthy. I really don’t think a few sugar binges in a year  can hurt anything.

However, while I might have a few Reeses peanut butter cups, I’m pretty sure that Continue reading »

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Three Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast



Thank you to NatureRaised Foods for sponsoring this article.  Learn how NatureRaised Farms® is “Doing What’s Right, Right from the Start™” in your area.

Parmesan and cheddar cheese stuffed chicken breast

I’ve been working more on meal prep these days. I’m in a hurry, and my easy, fast recipes keep getting faster. I think cooking/baking should be a relaxed, laid-back experience…and it hasn’t been lately.

However, I’m working on it. I’m trying to literally give myself an hour or Continue reading »

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Low Carb Blueberry Frozen Yogurt


No Sugar Blueberry Frozen Yogurt

Despite the fact the leaves have turned and it’s turned cold…I cannot release my love for FroYo. Nope. Not happening.

I refuse to say goodbye to the food that is an emblem of sweet summer. Anyway, let’s get real, I love frozen yogurt too much to give it up at any time of the year. My mantra is Continue reading »

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Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise Explained


Aerobic Exercise

Let’s get down to the basics. We hear exercise and fitness terms daily, but do we know  what they really mean?

Whether your workout of choice is jogging, cycling, walking or dancing, there’s a good chance that you are performing aerobic exercise. This type of exercise is the most common form of cardio, and it’s what most people consider when they want to

Continue reading »

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7 Colourful Things


Something I’ve been working on, is having a spirit of gratefulness. I’ve been able to spend more time in prayer with God and since I’ve been making that effort, I’ve noticed my heart is calmer…more thankful. Little things that are annoying I brush off easier. The little things that are lovely, I notice much more than before. Whether it’s my morning Continue reading »

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Lenny & Larry Brownie/Cookie Giveaway (closed)


Healthy Cookie - wanna a bite

Update: Whitney is our winner! Congratulations!

Hello everybody…and no, I’m not dead.

Sheesk. I’ve missed blogging so much. It’s taken me a few weeks to get myself organized and figure out how to prioritize college, social life, homework, part-time job…let alone blogging.

However, because of my absence, I’m making it up by doing a giveaway. You’re okay with Continue reading »

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