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Recap of Colourful Photo a Day

Yesterday our Instagram Colourful Photo a Day challenge finished. It was such a fun month of healthy inspiration and I loved seeing everyone’s photos each day! Thanks to Health Warrior for sponsoring this challenge by giving away one of their amazing bags of chia seeds (my favourite brand for chia!) and congratulations to Eatworkoutrepeat for winning!

I thought it’d be fun to share all my IG photos from the challenge. For the first part, you can check out A Healthy September.

Colourful Photo a Day 01

September 13: Book – I’m hitting up the books again while I earn my degree for Exercise Science. I’m really enjoying my schooling.

September 14: Protein – Organic eggs are one of my favourite sources of protein. I have them every day!

Colourful Photo a Day 02

September 15: Stretching – I never used to stretch before/after workouts, but I’m learning how very important it is for recovery and flexibility!

September 16: Vitamins – Every day I take spirulina and vitamin C. I also take vitamin D on the days I don’t get sunshine.

Colourful Photo a Day 03

September 17: Superfood – Love taking Sophie’s Green Dream superfood blend in smoothies…or in protein pancakes!

September 18: Refreshment – Took this when I was having a break from school. I sat on a park bench and had avocado with salt and pepper for a refreshing snack. It was such a beautiful day! (Notice the Sweat Pink tank – I’m now officially a Sweat Pink ambassador!)

Colourful Photo a Day 04

September 19: I love… – Cats! I love their arrogant attitude and cuteness!

September 20: Workout Gear – Nike is one of my favourite workout shirts. Love their slogans…

Colourful Photo a Day 05

September 21: Outfit – Once again, I love Nike!

September 22: Greens – A lot of greens happen around here – but one of my favourite sources for greens is spirulina (but you knew that!). I especially love it in this smoothie!

Colourful Photo a Day 06

September 23: Tea – I love my decaf black tea in the evening. I usually add cream or half & half, but some people are worried that doing that will just add calories and fat. Actually the cream is a good fat, especially if you use organic.

September 24: Eat a Rainbow – Green smoothies, oranges, grapes, and tomatoes all make for a colourful and delicious meal!

Colourful Photo a Day 07

September 25: Water Bottle – It’s so important to keep hydrated! You need to drink half your body weight on ounces daily! I love my water!

September 26: Lunch – A low carb lunch made of rice cakes, Swiss cheese, and a protein shake. Yum.

Colourful Photo a Day 08

September 27: Workout for Today – That day I did a great lower body workout and starting lifting official weights! Just started with lifting the bar and watching to make sure my form was good.

September 28: Chocolate – One of my favourite low calorie desserts is my Double Chocolate Frozen Yogurt.

Colourful Photo a Day 09

September 29: Fall – Nothing makes me think of fall more than a cozy evening with lots of tea!

September 30: Headshot

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my September and the fun Instagram challenge we did!

How was your September?

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6 Responses to “Recap of Colourful Photo a Day”

  1. Angela @ The Chicken Scoop

    I am bummed that I missed your Instagram challenge but I did follow along! I was just too crazy busy to add another thing to my plate. I hope you do something like this again in the future!!

  2. Leonor @FoodFaithFitness

    I love the photoaday challenge. Sadly I haven’t been on Instagram much.

  3. Kat

    I loved September! I even LOVE October more, bring on the pumpkin! You shoudl join the Any time fitness Photoaday challenge for October! I’m on instagram as KatSnF and we have a little photo maffia gang ;) SPA <3

  4. Danielle @ itsaharleyyylife

    i love these picture a day challenges they are so much fun. I completed one once… but then I needed a month… or two off. haha.

  5. Rick S.

    Fantastic blog. It’s thoughtful and well done; I really enjoy it. Somehow you have neglected to include your music! If you feel it’s not a fit here, I’d have to strongly disagree. Maybe a taste? Best to you always..

  6. Charissa

    Rick~ Thank you so much! I may include some of my music in the future…so keep your eyes peeled! Thanks for your encouragement!

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