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A Cinnamon Solution

Cinnamon Sticks 01

I was savouring some kitchen memories yesterday and this came back to me…

My sister was in the middle of making homemade cinnamon rolls and we discovered we had no ground cinnamon..and as everyone knows, you can’t make cinnamon buns without cinnamon. That’s just wrong. What to do? The rolls were already finished, except for the spice.

I thought, cinnamon comes from…cinnamon sticks. Of course, so if we have the sticks…

Turns out, we did. So I broke them into as tiny pieces as my fingers could manage (those things are hard!) and stuck them in the coffee grinder. It worked…and I ground and ground until I got the powder as fine as I could.

I thought that was a good idea if you’re ever in a pinch like we were! Plus, I like the thought of freshly ground cinnamon…sounds fresher, doesn’t it? Next time you’re out of the ground spice…maybe give this a try!

Hint: When you make a banana shake add some freshly ground cinnamon…it’s an amazing shake!

Onto today…

Breakfast this morning was amazing. I made my favourite pancakes (it’s Saturday!). This time I made it with all oats (skipping the whole wheat flour – making it gluten free), used dairy milk, and added some vanilla. I topped my pancakes with organic peanut butter and maple syrup. Perfect way to start my day!

Vegan Banana Oatmeal Pancakes 01

I’m proud to say this recipe has gone viral on Tumblr and Pinterest. However, I was dismayed that people were posting the recipe along with photos and not giving credit back.

But while I’m on the subject of copyrights, even though I looooooove it when people feature my recipes on their blogs (always makes my day!) it’s a great idea to ask permission to post the recipe first. I’ll likely say yes, but there are some recipes I’d like to keep exclusive at Colourful Palate.

That’s said! (whew) I don’t addressing the sensitive business of copy-writes, but it’s crazy how many recipes of mine are posted, re-blogged, or pinned with the entire recipe attached, no links, and/or no credit. Anyway….whatever. That’s life.

Moving on…I’m so excited about today. Now that I’m all fueled up with my pancake brunch, I’m about to head off to play volleyball for the rest of the day (and evening). We’re playing two teams today and around 10 games, so I’m pumped!  Volleyball is the best sport ever. Period. It’s an amazing way to keep fit!

Cheer for me!

What’s your favourite spice? How do you feel about the whole recipe copy-write thing?

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5 Responses to “A Cinnamon Solution”

  1. Connie the Cookie Monster

    hi you!! glad to see that you’re still baking and blogging! :)
    ps: if i was in your cinnamon roll situation, it would never occur to me that cinnamon comes from cinnamon sticks LOL i would just stop making the rolls all together

  2. Heidi @ Food Doodles

    That’s awesome. I kind of assumed it wouldn’t grind up as nicely or as fine as the store bought stuff so I’ve never tried. I bet it does taste amazing :D
    I know exactly what you mean about Tumblrs copying recipes! I don’t understand why they think they can do that, copy and pasting without credit is always wrong, and even with credit I think it’s a huge no-no.

  3. Shae

    My favorite cinnamon snack is sprinkling it on my vanilla Greek yogurt!

  4. Kayleigh

    I’ve got to say… Cinnamon is my fav. I agree with the recipe thing. Whoever’s it is should be given credit for sure.

  5. lola Lobato

    I love to sprinkle cinnamon into my cappuccino.

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