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I Got an Engagement Ring!

The Ring 01

I really and truly did! And what better time of year to get an engagement ring!

And no, you don’t need a boyfriend to get an engagement ring! I just felt like making you curious with my deceitful, yet half-truthful, post title.

Actually, here’s how the story goes…

About a month ago, my Mom and I were going through some of my Grandma’s things and we discovered this special engagement ring. My Mother thought I should have it! I can’t tell you how precious it is to me to have such a priceless family heirloom.

It’s my Great-Grandmother’s engagement ring! And it fits perfectly! When does a random ring fit like it was made for me?!

Pardon all the exclamation marks, but it was such a special gift. It means so much to me…

My life is perfect. Diamond ring, but no boyfriend! It’s a great deal. Yup. Lots of benefits.

Speaking of being single on Valentine’s…when I was decluttering my closet a couple weeks ago, I found this old, random article from a magazine. It’s title – “101 Ways to Be Your Own Valentine”. Maybe you’re single on Valentines, or what I call, “Singleness Awareness Day”…if so, you might want to try a few of these ideas from the magazine article. (smile)

101 Ways to Be your Own Valentine 01

This list kind of cracked me up. There were lots of crazy ideas like…

  • eat lots of garlic and onions JUST because you can (I guess that’s a good thing?)
  • style your hair with fun clips and brightly coloured hair accessories (I’m not 12…I’ll pass!)
  • perfect ping pong skills because you don’t have to hold back like you might if you were letting a guy win (true, true)
  • watch a sad movie and have a good cry (could be therapeutic…if you really want to burst into tears watch “Though None Go with Me”…it’s a good movie. I sobbed the whole thing through and I’m not one of those girls who cries in movies often. Seriously, I’ve never cried that much…ever. Sweet story, but you will cry!)
  • enjoy your Twix…you don’t have to share…eat both halves yourself! (best reason to stay single!)

There were some good ideas too, that weren’t quite as sappy…

  • give of yourself and do things for others – shovel snow for your neighbor, visiting nursing home residents, and hang out with family
  • maintain friendships – call a friend, email someone a word of encouragement, make Valentines for your family (It doesn’t take long to do and you never know, maybe you writing something special could really just make someone’s day!!!)

Love note 01

  • write a love note to the Lord

I liked the last idea…I typically do this every Valentines. I write the Lord Jesus a love note just to thank Him for being in my life and being all that I need! Usually I stick it in my journal and I like to make the page pretty!

Journaling 06

If none of those great (and silly) ideas don’t do it for you…then you might want to try cheering yourself up with this…a delicious chocolate chip pancake!

Heart Pancake 01

Of course, you can’t try it yet…because I don’t have the recipe up…but next post it will be! I just thought I’d give you a sneak peek! I had this for lunch today and wow…it was all kinds of awesome!

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Do you have any fun ideas to add to the list?

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15 Responses to “I Got an Engagement Ring!”

  1. Lauren @ What Lauren Likes

    How cute!! :)

  2. Kelly @ Free Spirit Food

    That’s very exciting! Wow!

  3. Nadia

    Cute!!! Congrats on the ring :)))
    I have some jewelries left from my grandma too, but no diamonds :))

  4. Aylin @ Glow Kitchen

    That’s even better than having a boyfriend! There’s no reason us single ladies shouldn’t NOT celebrate V-day :)

  5. Sarah

    How sweet to have such a family heirloom!!! You don’t need a man to rock an engagement ring, for sure! :)

  6. Kristi Rimkus

    Very cute blog post! It’s amazing that ring fits you so perfectly. My daughter is currently single and would agree with everything you’ve said here. I’m passing this along to her. :)

  7. Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty

    So cute I love it!

    That would be an awesome gift!! And it’s cute to think you can continue to pass it on!! :)

  8. Samantha

    what a special gift! I love how you tricked us in the beginning. you are too cute! The garlic and onions made me laugh out loud.

  9. Katherine Martinelli

    Ha, love this post! Congrats on the engagement…ring :-) That is so sweet that you have something so special from your great grandmother. And I love the list of ways to be your own valentine. I’ve never celebrated vday with my husband, even when we were dating. I always went out with girlfriends instead.

  10. Connie the Cookie Monster

    oh u are very deceiving!! i totally thought u got engaged! oh well, being single is so much more fun anyway! you can “eat garlic without worrying about your breath” :P

  11. Helen @Helen's Cooking

    What a great gift you got! I would Love to have the same tradition in my family!
    Love chocolate chip pancake too! And sometimes it’s a pain in the neck to have a boyfriend on Valentine’s Day, because if he is lazy you gotta plan the date. And it’s kinda mmm… not hot! So enjoy your Valentine’s Day and freedom. You can do whatever you want when single:-) ! xoxo

  12. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    Ha ha. You certainly got my attention. I have a cubic zirconium ring that my grandmother bought off the Home Shopping Network. I have fond memories of watching it with her. Before she passed away, she gave it to me (my aunt and cousin took all of her other jewelry after she died). It’s so special to me. I wore it before I ever met my hubby, and now keep it in my jewelry box.

  13. Brittany

    Lovee the ring! I wore my moms engagement ring for THE longest time. I only recently stopped wearing it because of work. I have always loved the idea of an engagement ring, even when I was single!

  14. Julie

    I find heirlooms so magical! My mom gave me one of my great grandmother’s (fake) rings and I wear it all the time. Its a little tacky…. but I remember her every time I look at it.

  15. Kiran @

    I love family heirlooms — there’s so much love and history, no guys needed ;)

    Congrats and by the way, Valentines is never just for couples. It’s for everyone to share in the love :)

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