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How to Lose 4 Pounds in 6 Days

Veggies 01

Hey guys! Happy New Year! I’m so excited about what 2012 will bring! I’m sorry I wasn’t back sooner, but with all the family time, our home reno project, and getting sick (I’m all better now!) I didn’t want to rush into it.

Since it’s the New Year now and Motivational Monday I thought I’d do a post about healthy weight loss. I don’t normally blog about this sort of thing…but I thought it’d be appropriate since its early January and I’m certain a lot of us might have “lose 5 pounds” on our to-do lists.

When I got back from my two-month trip in the fall, I stepped on the weigh scale to see how much I gained from weeks and weeks of eating in other people’s homes, hotels, and restaurants. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had only gained 3 lbs. Even though it’s not that much, I like to get those extra pounds off as soon as possible.

So I devised a plan. No carbs, tons of veggies, 1-2 pieces of fruit daily (no more), lots of protein, less salt, and no sugar. It’s really not rocket science. None of us really should be having much sugar anyway. I still had butter on my veggies and olive oil on my salad (you need your healthy fats!), so food was still flavourful. The hard part was no toast. I love toast to heaven and back.

Healthy Salad 01

(This is an amazing vegan “Taco Salad” I made. It was so delicious! I made it with sauteed mushrooms and onions, vegan cheddar cheese, homemade tomato dressing, spinach, romaine, snap peas, and organic corn chips. When I’m nixing carbs, I just skip the corn chips.)

Seriously, it was really easy. I didn’t have any time to really work out that week either…so I was very shocked to see that I had lost 4lbs only 6 days later. Pain free.

Weight loss should always be healthy!

Eggs 01

(Organic eggs are a wonderful source of protein! I eat them almost every day!)

So here’s the rundown of what I did!

  • Unlimited veggies
  • 1-2 pieces of fruit daily
  • No sugar of any kind
  • No carbs (like bread, pasta, ect)
  • Lots of protein
  • A little healthy fat at each meal
  • Stop eating after dinner or 3 hours before bed
  • Drink lots of water
  • Less salt
  • Eat as much raw as possible

Speaking of RAW FOOD….

Since it’s still the beginning of January, I’m sure a lot of us are trying to clean up our diets and working more diligently on our New Year Goals. Personally, I’ve upped the salads and smoothies…I’m eating a lot more protein…and nixing most carbs for a while.

I’m certainly eating a lot more raw foods than I did during the holidays and it feels great!

Nadia from Nature Insider contacted me a few weeks back and asked if I’d be willing to review her new e-book “The Daily Raw”. She was one of my first “blogger friends” when I started up Colourful Palate almost a year ago and I’ve always enjoyed her posts and beautiful photography, so of course, I was only too happy to review it!

When I got a hold of her e-book, once again, I was blown away by her beautiful and tantalizing photos of fresh, vibrant recipes! Just gorgeous! She makes healthy eating look more than appealing!


She has got everything you need to know about basic raw “cooking” (oxymoron, I know!) in there…from making a basic nut milk, smoothies, and raw cheeses! She also has a great salad section, which I’m super excited about! (I’m always looking for creative salads and/or dressings)

As I once was a devoted raw foodie for a couple years, I know how hard it is to find main meals that fit in the “comfort food” category. Nadia takes care of that and has five main meals from lasagna to three different kinds of pasta! One of the “pasta” recipes is called “White Pasta Parmigiano Style”. Seriously, if that doesn’t sound good, I don’t know what does!

Then, after I finally tore myself away from staring down the photos in the “Main Meals” section, I found the desserts. Oh my. Raw truffles, cakes, and mousses…a decadent, yet healthy dessert is my happy place.

My overall review of “The Daily Raw” e-book is: If you want to get eat incredibly healthy with total nutrition and maximum deliciousness, this gem of an e-book is a great way to do it! I know I’ll be enjoying her recipes! Raw truffles here we come…

For a free dessert recipe, the “White Duchess” cake, simply click on the photo below!



P.S. If you want to try what I did for a jump-start to weight loss, Nadia’s recipes are all carb-free and healthy!

Got any simple tips for losing or preventing weight gain? How do you get rid of any extra pounds that creep up?

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13 Responses to “How to Lose 4 Pounds in 6 Days”

  1. Lauren @ What Lauren Likes

    Cool tips! I like the idea of eating more raw food :)

  2. Kelly @ Free Spirit Food

    wow, good for you! Those are some great results!

  3. Connie the Cookie Monster

    i can’t say ive never been advised to eat this way before, but it’s just so darn hard to eliminate sugar from my diet?! i LIVE for that stuff LOL

  4. Stephanie

    I’d have a really hard time keeping fruit to just one or 2 pieces per day. But I’m glad that it worked for you!

  5. bhavani/ameanderingmango

    Good for you – starting the new year fresh and healthy is a great thing! Thanks for the tips too : )

  6. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    Good to know you’re feeling better. When you first mentioned being sick, I thought that’s how you lost the weight. So glad you did it in a healthy fashion. Your tips can even be applied in the raw world.

    That e-book looks delicious. Congrats to Nadia for putting such a gorgeous bunch of recipes together.

  7. betty

    great tips thanks!

  8. Ellie@Fit for the Soul

    Hey Charissa! Thanks for stopping by my blog~:)

    And that is seriously some simple, basic, but effective way to lose the lbs. It seems rather healthy compared to other things out there, and it would be great for when one needs to do it fast for special events. Great job! PS: Do you think though, that it’s mostly water or fat? Maybe a mix of both?

  9. Sandy a la Mode

    you go girl! omg that sunny side up egg looks soo good! i wasn’t able to eat that when pregos but now that i’ve had my baby, i can eat it again, hooray!

  10. Jenny

    what an inspirational post. I am sooo trying this soon. i think this is what it will take for me to lose weight. i am more of a protein metabolic type so i bet its those pesky (but delicious) grains and sugars that are keeping me from losing the weight i want. thanks for sharing! i will keep you posted on my progress.

  11. Charissa

    Ellie~ Thanks girl! Yes, I’m sure there is some water weight associated with it! But then, when I eat a lot less carbs I feel a lot better and the way seems to stay off.

    Jenny~ Glad it inspired you! Keep in mind this is more of a “kickstart” to healthy diet/lifestyle. It’s so much better to stick to a lifestyle and not “diet” at all.

  12. Pam Rauber

    Charissa, Thanks for viewing my pasta and shrimp blog.
    So glad you dropped the 3 lbs immediately after returning from two month travel. It is so important to place weight first priority.
    Your blog sounds wonderful, I’ll be following.

  13. Jade

    Exactly what I’ve been trying this week – and I’ve lost 2kgs already :c) that’s the four pounds plus a little and the week isn’t over yet~!

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