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Supercharged Green Vegan Protein Smoothie

Supercharged Green Protein Smoothie 01

How’s that for a long title!? I guess I just want to make everyone think that green smoothies are cool because they have crazy long names…

I remember a time when I had green smoothies every single day. It was a rule, whether I felt like one or not. Sure, healthwise, it was great for me, but it wasn’t as fun when, really…I wanted a piece of whole wheat toast with honey or a bowl of fruit instead. But now, because it’s not a hard and fast rule anymore, I am starting to be in love with green smoothies all over again. Especially now that I’m getting the greens from our own lovely garden..

Normally, I try to have my protein smoothies after a good workout, but this time I had it before my run and strength training workout. I feel better working out to have something that feels light…before I exercise.

Supercharged Green Protein Smoothie 02

Look at all that green goodness! I grabbed a huge handful of spinach, which is a wonderful source of iron, vitamin E, and even has a good amount of protein!

Supercharged Green Protein Smoothie

  1. ½ banana (frozen)
  2. ½ cup unsweetened almond milk
  3. 1/3 cup light coconut milk
  4. 2 cups fresh spinach
  5. 1 tbsp. blue green algae (opt)
  6. ½ scoop Vega Vanilla Sport Protein Powder*
  7. 1 tsp. flaxseed
  8. 3 cubes of ice

Blend everything up in your high-speed blender and there you go! Protein, carbs, healthy fat, fibre, and hydration all in one convenient package.

*This is my absolute favourite protein powder! It’s vegan, it’s full of super greens, and it tastes amaaaazing (I have the vanilla flavour)! Most protein powders I’m hesitant about adding nut milk or water to for just drinking…I always have to add them to a smoothie to be palatable, but this stuff I’m constantly shaking it up with rice or almond milk and drinking on the go. I heart this!

I added the blue green algae for a nutritional supplement. If you’re curious about what is is…It’s an amazing superfood that is known for helping energy, increasing muscle mass, speed healing, oxygenating the blood, aiding mental function, improving memory and concentration, and more…and just so you know, no one asked me to write any product reviews in this post…I just loooove these superfoods! But the smoothie is perfectly great without them too! Greens are a superfood by themselves!

Tip: You can make this the night before you go somewhere and put it in a canteen, refrigerate, and then just grab it and go in the morning for a breakfast on the run!

Supercharged Green Protein Smoothie 03

It’s such a wonderful way to start the day! I’m excited about making green smoothies more of a habit again!

Supercharged Green Protein Smoothie 04

Nutritional Info (excluding protein powder*): Cals: 218, Fat: 17g, Sodium: 148mg, Carbs: 20.5g, Fiber: 5.5g, Sugars: 9.5g Protein: 5g

*This smoothie is great with other protein powders, which, if used obviously changes the nutritional info. If you are using a different protein, just add the calories/protein to my nutrition facts here.  Also take note, that there are many different varieties of light coconut milk. The kind that I used was 170 calories for a half a cup.

Sooo….my attempt at eating more protein is going well. I’m a lot more conscious of it then I have been before and I’ve even lost a couple pounds! I’m eating more greens, lean chicken, quiona, protein shakes, eggs, and healthy protein bars. Recently I tried the Clif Builder bars, which have 20g of protein per bar!

Builder Clif Bar

I’m really liking their flavour…in fact, I bought a whole case from Costco for those moments when I’m starving in the middle of nowhere (there’s one I stuck in my purse), snacks, and for meal replacements when everyone else is eating fast food on the road. They are a little high in calories though, at around 270 calories per bar…but I’m discovering that just half of a bar after a workout works great…or even half a bar for a little dessert at the end of the meal. They taste like chocolate bars which is a major yay for me.

Have you ever tried a green smoothie? If so, what was your favourite blend? Do you eat protein bars?

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12 Responses to “Supercharged Green Vegan Protein Smoothie”

  1. Heidi @ Food Doodles

    Yum! I’m drinking my post-workout green smoothie right now :D They’re such a great habit to have, I really need to make them more often. Love the coconut milk in yours – I’ll have to try that.

  2. Kelly

    Nice! I love this combo but have never tried the blue green algae. I tried adding cuumber and romaine the other day… I think I needed a juicer for that one because it was chewy and kind of nasty. Spinach blends much better!

  3. Andrea

    My usual green smoothie mix is almond milk, chia seeds, peanut butter, organic baby spinach (sometimes I do half spinach and half kale) and frozen banana. I drink one almost every day and haven’t gotten sick of them yet!

  4. Nadia

    I make exactly the same green smoothie, but don’t add algae and protein powder. I tried to drink the spirulina (kind of blue green algae) in powder form with smoothies, but the taste is overwhelming, so now I just drink it in pill forms :)

  5. Runner Girl

    LOVE the Vega Sport protein powder & Builder Bars!! Started on both about 4 months ago when I needed to add more protein to my vegetarian (vegan except for yogurt!) diet. I usually drink the Vega after my workout. Glad I found your site ;-)

  6. shannonmarie (rawdorable)

    Now that’s my kind of green protein smoothie!

  7. Joanne

    So much good stuff here! You know I’ve actually never had a green smoothie? True story. But yours looks seriously delicious!

  8. Miriam @ Sometimes I Veg

    I’ve been making a smoothie a day lately. Your combination is very similar to a combination I’ve been using my vega powder for. Thanks for sharing it.

  9. Rachel

    The peanut butter Builder’s Bar has been a staple in my pantry for a while! I’m also trying to eat more protein (vegetarian for over 15 years) a Builder Bar for breakfast or after a run is perfect.

    Big fan of the green smoothie too! I don’t add a protein powder since I haven’t found one I like. Will have to look for the Vega. Thanks for the suggestion!

  10. Julia

    I don’t have a hard and fast rule about a green smoothie every am, BUT, I love them, so I have one almost every morning post workout. Mine is very similar to yours. I use all soy milk, and all 2 tbsp coco powder. The coco banana flavor I love. And sometimes a tbsp of pb. I don’t use any protein powders right now, but Ill look into your favorite one.

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  12. Supercharged Green Vegan Protein Smoothie> VEGA IS THE BEST. I promise. If you are sensitive to whey and soy proteins, plant protein is definitely the way to go. Vega is quality and awesome. | Clean, Lean and Healthy

    […] Supercharged Green Vegan Protein Smoothie> VEGA IS THE BEST. I promise. If you are sensitive to whey and soy proteins, plant protein is definitely the way to go. Vega is quality and awesome. Read More […]

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