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Art Challenge

Art Challenge 02

I’ve decided to do something fun in addition to all the health stuff and recipes I post here. I’m a pretend artist and it’s one of my biggest loves ever. I dream of being a real artist someday…I doubt it will happen, but a girl can dream, right? I am very new into this whole painting thing. I just started oil painting about a year ago, so I’m very much a beginner. I’ve never painted with acrylics or watercolours from a tube. A few weeks ago I started doodling Manga style, but mostly, I just doodle away however I like. Then I stumbled on this image (below) with the 30-Day Challenge on it and I was inspired. I knew that I needed to expand myself beyond my own art journals, sketches, and doodles…and this was it!

Then…I realized that if I did one of those projects a day I’d wear myself out. I lead a busy life and to add that to my daily agenda I knew that my art quality would suffer. So I came up with a plan to still do this challenge. I would see the Challenge as a list. As soon as I finished project one, I would then get on with project two once I had time. Once I start to do things fast, the quality drops like a rock.

Art Challenge 01

(image via Pinterest)

For me, art is an outlet. Whenever I have emotions I need to get out, I need to talk, journal, write songs or poetry, draw, or paint. I can’t keep things buried inside. There’s something about painting or drawing that is very therapeutic…it transports your imagination to a different world. It’s very relaxing and there’s something about blending the paints and mixing colours that seems to make me calm. That is, until I get frustrated for not getting what’s inside my head on the canvas…this, of course, breaks the spell. *smile*

This is my latest painting I just finished a couple days ago (the beginning of it you can see in the top photo). It’s of one of my nieces. Her family recently got a photo shoot done and I fell in love with the pictures and knew I had to paint one of them!

Art Challenge 04

Art Challenge 05

So I hope you enjoy this little journey as much as I will! Maybe you’re an artist and would like to hop in on the challenge?! I would love that.

What activities do you find relaxing?

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12 Responses to “Art Challenge”

  1. Nadia

    This is great! My brother in law is an artist with exhibits all over the world, I believe everyone can make it if it’s something you really love to do :))) Here is his web site –

    Good luck with becoming an artist, your niece looks very beautiful in the painting! :)

  2. ryan

    This piece is awesome. I envy people who can paint. Her eyes seem to pull me in and I love the colors, well done.

  3. Clarkie @ Beloved Green

    This is one of my secret loves as well. There is just something about a blank canvas and fresh paint.

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  5. Despina

    What an excellent idea! This is exactly what I need to stay motivated! Btw your painting is beautiful!

  6. Charissa

    Nadia~ How cool! Thanks for the link, it was fun to look at his work!

    Ryan~ Thank you so much…I had so much fun doing it!

    Clarkie~ I didn’t know you painted! How awesome! Would love to see some of your work on your blog!

    Despina~ Aw, thanks! Yay! Someone to join in on the fun! If you post about your own endeavors with it please comment and let me know! I’d love to see your projects!

  7. Shumaila

    This looks like such a fun thing to do. And your painting came out beautiful! I can never paint/draw faces- something with the nose never comes out right for me!

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  9. Lana Yager Yager

    Sweetie, You ARE an artist! (not going to be… you already are). This is precious!

  10. Mikala

    Sweetie, you ARE an artist! (not going to be.. you already are). This is precious!

  11. Charissa

    Mikala – Thank you so much (blows kiss) :)

  12. sienna

    I don’t have the time to paint like that

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